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Shuska means 'cone' actually 'pine cone' its one of natures explosive seeds, it erupts in a moment spraying seed from each branch to great distances, telling its story, repeating its process, creating beauty and essential elements for our world to - flourish, grow and be marveled at.

How can an artist do the same ?

How can he make it a broader scope ?

How can an artist spread his creations far and wide ?

How can he ensure they remain and sustain themselves ?

Shuska has achieved this with collaborations, his inventions and his secrets. Concealed deep within his work are explosive ideas, words and energy wrapped in mystery. Shuska sets his sights on artistic immortality.


While words are inadequate in today's world, as much as they were in worlds gone by, let's allow art to speak volumes and communicate on another level.

A cone is fundimental in history with respect to the pineal gland. Look it up and discover for youself. 



Art by Shuska
Art by Shuska
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